Who is James Hopwood?

Hopwood BioWho is James Hopwood? I am. Of course, I am David Foster too – most of the time. And I have been Jack Tunney too. But James Hopwood is my pen name.

Why a pen name? I assumed a pen name out of deference to three successful artists, albeit in different disciplines who have published under the name David Foster. Firstly there is an excellent award winning Australian author; then a world champion woodchopper; and finally a successful musician and music producer. Adding another ‘David Foster’ to the marketplace, would not only detract from their achievements – as well as my own – but would also create confusion for the reading public.

As James Hopwood, I contributed to Crime Factory Magazine – Issues 10, 11 and 13. In the articles, I talked about the swinging sixties Spy-Fi Smut of Clyde Allison, Boxing Pulps from the ’40s and ’50s, and interviewed Australian cinema icon, Roger Ward. For Crime Factory’s Pulp anthology, ‘Lee’, a collection of fictional stories about Lee Marvin, I contributed the short story, Trust.

Next, you can find my story Cutter’s Law in Action: Pulse Pounding Tales Vol 1. The story appears alongside contributions by established authors such as Stephen Leather, Zoe Sharp, Adrian Magson, Paul D. Brazill, and Hilton himself. There’s also a swag of new talent on display, names that may not be household names, but guys who know how to put down a fast and furious tale of adventure.

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