Book Covers: Part 4

Here’s a few Femme Fatales.

Marita is one of my favourite spy biographies. It has a little bit of everthing in it.

From the back cover:
The daughter of a German cruise liner captain and an American actress, Marita Lorenz was a plucky but naive nineteen-year-old when she met Fidel Castro in Cuba in 1959. Swept away by his charisma and aura of power, she became his mistress soon after and left her home and family in New York to be with him.

It was to prove a cataclysmic decision in her extraordinary life, introducing her to the glamour and danger of an alien world.

Recruited by the CIA after being betrayed, kidnapped and drugged, she found herself embroiled in the intricacies of international espionage. She went on to work – often reluctantly – for American intelligence for twenty-five years, and carried out a series of hazardous and intriguing assignments, including a curious gunrunning mission, with one Lee Harvey Oswald, just days before the JFK assassination.

This is her remarkable true story – the memoir of a Mata Hari of the Cold War, describing with passion and candour her relationship with Castro, her subsequent affair with her ‘second dictator’, former Venezuelan President Marcos Perez Jimenez, and the year she spent abandoned in the jungle with a tribe of Yanomani Indians.

As intricate and high-powered as any thriller, MARlTA is fascinating proof that truth is indeed stranger than fiction.

This is the second Anna Zordan adventure, also known as The Little Dragon From Peking.

From the back cover:
Can a sex-bomb beat an A-bomb?

Only if she uses the deadliest weapon of all – her body – to SEDUCE AND DESTROY

Well you’ve got to love a spy dressed in purple with white boots.

From the back cover:
“The authorities believe the violence was initiated by a gang of ruthlesslv efficient foreign terrorists!”

The image of the Leader of the Opposition flickered on ten million British TV sets. What, he demanded, had the Prime Minister learned about the explosion on the London docks? Or about the millions of counterfeit sterling banknotes flooding the money market? Or the commando-style raid on an Army small-arms depot in which secret experimental weapons were stolen? Or the “Black Sunday” riot in which fifty civilians and policemen were killed?

Anna Zordan wondered what the Leader of the Opposition would say if he knew that twelve scripts for a new spy series had been stolen from a London TV stationand that the disasters befalling Britain were reenactments of the first four segments of that series. And how would he feel if he learned that an early episode called for the assassination of the Leader of the Opposition?

The secret service had assigned Anna Zordan to track down the conspirators before they could turn any more TV fantasies into horrifying reality. Anna’s intelligence, training – and sensuality – were the last resort for a nation on the brink of chaos.

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