Book Covers: Part 5

Today’s series of covers are from children’s books.

Bond fans will be no stranger to James Bond Jnr, but the bloke on the scooter is in fact Oddjob from the film Goldfinger, looking a lot like Bo Diddley or a ganster rapper.

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  1. Love the covers. I have all the books in my collection with the exception of Biker Mice!

  2. Thanks Bish. Apparently there is another ‘Mission Impossible’ book, The Priceless Particle, also written by Talmage Powell, but I have never stumbled across a copy.

    By the way I checked out your Blog yesterday – good stuff – I’d love to know more about your crime novels!


  3. David —

    I remember the Pricelss Particle — I must have it in a storage box of books somewhere — so it does exist.

    I also have a Man From U.N.C.L.E. Big-Little Book on the shelf with my collection of Man/Girl American/British paperbacks and a full run of Man/Girl Magazine.

    I purge a lot of my television tie-in stuff a few years back to make room for other enthusiasms, but it’s very cool to look back on some of this stuff and remember the passion behind it.

    U.N.C.L.E. is directly responsible for me spending 30+ years now with LAPD (I run a sex crimes unit covering about 25% of the city). I actually ran into David McCallum in an English tea room in Santa Monica a couple of years ago (right after he started in NCIS).

    I don’t usually approach celebrities, but I could resist. I told him how U.N.C.L.E. had led me to my law enforcement career. He was very gracious, and told me he is always surprised by how often he hears the same thing from other officers. Kinda cool.

    I just started blogging on blog spot (did it so I could comment on my daughter-in-law’s blog), and was really glad to find you and several others (Double O Section) continuing to carry the torch for this great entertainment.

    My own novels are mostly cop stuff, Chalk Whispers being my latest. I’ve been away from books for a few years now, doing more writing for television as it pays so much better – I’m working on Women’s Murder Club this year — or was until the strike, which has given me the opportunity to dig back into a couple of book projects.


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