Shamelady (2007)

Directed by Eric Saussine
Serge Rotelli, George Kaplan, Irina Bogomolova, Alice Suzan, Shirley Lambert, Simon Hamilton, Lucy Atkinson
Music by John Barry

The hard core Bond fans out there will realise that Shamelady is the property that Ian Fleming bought in Jamaica. He re-christened it ‘Goldeneye’ and from there he wrote his eleven James Bond novels, and two collections of short stories.

The film opens with a bomb destroying a wing of Buckingham palace. A message is sent to the government by the terrorist organisation, SPECTRE, claiming responsibility. SPECTRE have also sent letters to the newspapers implying that several Islamic groups are responsible for the attack. No one is sure of the truth and the public are in a panic. Spectre have also put into operation a new evil scheme where they have financially infiltrated several large UK companies.

‘M’, the head of MI6 calls on her best man, James Bond, secret agent 007 (Serge Rotelli) to track down SPECTRE and put an end to any evil scheme that they are planning. The only lead is a gambler named Jacques Descarpes (George Kaplan), who has been using the companies funds at a roulette wheel in a Casino in Monte Carlo. Bond, as the services best gambler, is to go to France and attempt to beat Descarpes.

Shamelady is a French fan film, so it is not canonical 007. However it is put together pretty well for it’s limited budget, and if you’re a Bond fanatic you’ll find a lot to enjoy. As it is a fan film, the level of enjoyment comes from your knowledge of the Bond series. For example, during a fight sequence, Bond is knocked to the ground. His opponent with two simple hand movements, gestures for Bond to stand up and try again. Accompanying these hand gestures are two musical rings on the soundtrack. To the average viewer this will mean nothing. But to a Bond fanatic who has watched Goldfinger countless times, and recalls the fight between Bond and Oddjob at Fort Knox, this small gesture is a loving homage – and reasonably funny.

In Shamelady there are so many sequences like this. They may not mean much to a Bond ‘tourist’ but for the Bond fans, it is priceless entertainment (especially if it’s late at night and you’ve had one too many lagers).

As I mentioned (twice now), it’s a fan film, so it is not for commercial release. If you like to trackdown and download a copy of this film head to Constellation Studios.

It is in French, so you may have to download the .srt file as well.

Incidentally there is a book by James Mayo called Shamelady. It features Bond imitator Charles Hood. The first Charles Hood book, Hammerhead was made into a film starring Vince Edwards.

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