The Invisibles Part 3

Just a little bit more on secret agent Mark Hood – I must admit I am quite fascinated by the character now, and will endeavor to get hold of a few more of his adventures. My obsession is fueled by another book cover image courtesy of Mattel Jones – the first edition of The Invisibles. In this version, the artist has portrayed our hero in a natty turtle neck, looking like a cross between Robert Wagner and Eurospy favourite Ken Clark.

So the great game begins – a quest to track down the adventures of Mark Hood, and to begin with I have compiled a list of titles from the series. Please feel free to contact me with additions (or if I have incorrectly attributed a J.E. MacDonnell title to the series, when it is in fact not a Hood novel).

No 1: Come Die With Me 1965
No 2: The Bamboo Bomb 1965
No 3: Assignment HongKong 1966
(Alternate Title: Hong Kong Incident)
No 4: Operation Missat 1966
(Alternate Title: Operation Tokyo)
No 5: Spy from the Deep 1966
No 6: Caribbean Striker 1967
No 7: Black Napoleon 1967
No 8: The Sword of Genghis Khan 1967
No 9: Spying Blind 1968
No 10: Operation Octopus 1968
No 11: Operation Ice Cap 1970
No 12: The Invisibles 1970
No 13: The Reluctant Assassin 1970

Now there are four more titles that I have found that are Mark Hood novels but I don’t know where they come in the chronology – they maybe even alternate titles to the books listed above.

Throne of Satan
Mediterranean Striker
Sea Scrape
Operation Scuba

Here are a few links for those who want to know more:

• For an overview of J.E MacDonnell’s career click here
• Bill Crider looks at Sword of Genghis Khan
• Pop Sensation looks at Operation Octopus
• James Reasoner looks at The Bamboo Bomb
• Click here for a more complete listing (and alternate titles) of the Mark Hood series.

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  1. Cool! These were never on my radar, so something to check out once I’ve finished my current re-reading of Ian Fleming. -Jason (Spy Vibe)

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