Tiger Mann

Just adding to the pile of books I must read (that pile sits right next to the stack of films I must watch), is the Tiger Mann series by Mickey Spillane. Over the years I have read my share of Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer books, and yeah I like them (I still have to pick up The Goliath Bone. Has anyone read it.? Is it any good?). But what I never realised was that Spillane tried his hand at Spy Fiction.

Spillane’s spy is a fellow by the unlikely name of Tiger Mann and the four books in the series came out during the mid sixties at the height of the Bondmania.

1. The Day Of The Gun (1964)
2. Bloody Sunrise (1965)
3. The Death Dealers (1965)
4. The By-Pass Control (1966)

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  1. As I have read quite a number of Mike Hammer books myself, I am quite surprised I’ve never even seen a Tiger Mann novel. I’m going to be on a sharp lookout for these.

  2. I have the Death Dealers, but have never gotten around to reading it. Want me to post a copy to Australia?

  3. I like the Tiger Mann books. They are basically Mike Hammer gone international and kills a whole bunch of commies. What more could you ask for?

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