Three Fantastic Supermen (1967)

It’s time to raise the odds a little. So far we have looked at, generally, one suited hero or villain at a time. But now it’s time for three – Three Fantastic Supermen, in fact, starring Tony Kendall and Brad Harris from the Kommissar X series. The following snippet is from Todd’s post over at Die Danger Die Die Kill.

‘While little but a grindhouse obscurity in the US, The Three Fantastic Supermen was the first in a looong series of films that enjoyed popularity in a number of countries around the globe. By the time it had run its course, the series had come to include among its many entries a co-production with Hong Kong’s Shaw Brother studios complete with stunt work by a young Jackie Chan (The Three Fantastic Supermen in the Orient) and — surely the true measure of success — a couple of unauthorized Turkish installments, as well.’

Click here to read Todd’s full review.


The Coalition Of Bloggers wRiting About Spies have teamed up this month to explore the fun and flair of Spy Costumes. Double O Section kicked off the month with an excellent series on costumed heroes. In the second week Spy Vibe followed with a series of articles and video clips: Mods To Moongirls. Next week, the coalition series will wrap up with Armstrong Sabian at Mister 8.

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