Puppet on a Chain

I am running behind in getting another post ready, but for those who are missing their regular fix of espionage, you can get a nice fat serve of Alistair Maclean action in the spy thriller, Puppet on a Chain at the Black Hole DVD Reviews.

To read Mark’s review, click here.

Torn Curtain and Pickup on South Street

From there you can head on over to The Lightning Bug’s Lair. The Lair is one of the sites I learned about by becoming a member of LAMB, and I am glad I did, this site is amazing. I don’t even like horror films (I know, I’m a big squib) but I always find something fascinating to read there. The Bug covers everything from horror, exploitation, giallo, Turkish superman films, science fiction…the list is endless.

The reviews themselves are witty and informative, and usually there’s the odd (very odd) video clip there to give you a taster of the film under discussion.

His recent spy reviews include Hitchcock’s Torn Curtain and Sam Fuller’s Pickup on South Street.

And for those whose tastes run a little bit to the more exotic and erotic side on there are reviews of the adult spy films In the Sign of Sagittarius and In the Sign of Scorpio featuring Agent 69.

If that’s not enough for you, and you want to move away from spy films, a few of my recent reviews are up on Teleport City where you can read about the Ozploitation classic Stone and for less than creepy thrills, the Michael Caine flick The Hand.

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