Si Muore Solo Una Volta (1967)

Country: Spain / Italy / France
Starring: Ray Danton, Pamela Tudor, Sylvia Solar, Dada Gallotti, Francesca Rosana, Fernando Cebrian, Marco Guglielmi, Julio Pena
Director: Giancarlo Romitelli
Music: Carlo Savina

Teleport City continues its espionage festival, and today’s contribution is another Eurospy feature: Si Muore Solo Una Volta.

The sub-genre of spy films, known as Eurospy has its own group of superstars. Many of them are forgotten names now, such as Tony Kendall and Brad Harris (from the Kommissar X films), George Nader (from the Jerry Cotton series), Richard Harrison, Ken Clark and Rampaging Ray Danton. Rampaging Ray bludgeoned his way to Eurospy immortality in genre classic such as New York Calling Superdragon, Code Name Jaguar and Lucky the Inscrutable. With his smirk, he was Europe’s answer to James Coburn as Derek Flint. In fact, Danton even landed the role of Flint when they tried to revive the character for a television series in the mid 1970s. Unfortunately for Danton (and Flint fans), the script was crap, and the character was completely unrecognizable as the one who had appeared in two films in the 1960s.

Eurospy Superstar - 'Rampaging' Ray Danton

In Si Muore Solo Una Volta we have one of Danton’s more obscure Eurospy efforts. As far as I am aware, it was never released in an English language version – although it could have been re-edited and repackaged, and re-named for American television by someone like American International Pictures, who so often picked up packages of films from Europe and re-jigged them to suit their scheduling (it wasn’t just the Hercules films that received this special treatment) – although I can find no information to back this up.

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