Tunnel of Doom

Story adapted by Caryn Jenner
Illustrations: Arkadia
Publisher: Buzz Books
Published: 1993

James Bond Jr is back, and as I am sure you’re aware, he is the nephew of secret agent James Bond 007, and he featured in an animated television series in the early 1990s. Tunnel of Doom is based on Canine Caper, which was the forty-ninth episode (of sixty-five) from the series.

This lighting tale begins with aman is walking his dog, named Charlie, when two S.C.U.M. operatives leap out of a van and try to kidnap them. The man runs into an alley, and then cornered, straps a microfilm canister to his dog’s collar. Then he sends Charlie off, away from danger.

James Bond Jr is cycling back to the Warfield Academy when Charlie runs out onto the road, into Bond’s path. They collide. Bond continues on his way, only to find on the next morning that Charlie has followed him back. Now Bond also notices the film canister, which he gives to a teacher to have developed.

Meanwhile, expecting some kind of skullduggery, I.Q. places a homing transmitter on Charlie, so they can track him, which is fortuitous because he is captured by a S.C.U.M. operative named Skullcap, who takes the dog to his master, Dr. Derange. Derange has a mad scheme to destroy Scotland Yard.

Bond and some friends follow Charlie’s signal to Derange’s lair, which is an abandoned train tunnel – but Derange is ready and waiting.

These children’s books are suitably silly and entertaining for their target audience. But due to their wafer thin story (extremely truncated from their source material), very few adults would find any merit in the story telling on display here.

This is one for Bond completists only.

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