Mysterious Order of the Skeleton Suit

Permission to Kill is now a proud member of M.O.S.S. – the Mysterious Order of the Skeleton Suit, and to paraphrase (steal) Blofeld’s speech from Thunderball – ‘we are a dedicated fraternity whose strength lies in the integrity of its members’.

The individual MOSSmen and MOSSettes are a pretty phenomenal bunch of bloggers and podcasters who, when combined, like a Power Rangers MegaZord, are responsible for a truly staggering pool of esoteric information and obsession. Be sure to check out the other M.O.S.S. sites for your daily does of pop-culture and cult needs:

Beth Loves Bollywood
The Cultural Gutter
Die, Danger, Die, Die, Kill!
Fist of B-List
The Greatest Movie Ever
The Horror!?
Memsaab Story
Million Monkey Theater
Monster Island Resort
Tars Tarkas
Teleport City
WtF Film

But wait, there’s more – check out the Facebook Fan Page and Twitter feed, for an up to date direct connection with the Minions of M.O.S.S.

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