Hunter Will Get You (1976)

Country: France
Director: Philipe Labro
Starring: Jean-Paul Belmondo, Bruno Cremer, Jean Negroni, Patrick Fierry, Jean-Pierre Jorris, Victor Garrivier
Music: Michel Columbier
Original Title: L’Alpagueur

One of the first movies I ever ordered from France, was L’Apagueur starring Jean-Paul Belmondo. I was going through a Belmondo phase at the time and wanted to get hold of as many of his films as I could. However, I don’t speak French. But the Audio on the DVD was described as Francais et Anglais en Mono D’Origne. I figured that meant it had French or English audio tracks. It actually meant it had the original French soundtrack, with a small amount of English dialogue in it. Not much at all. I watched it, but understood very little, as it has multiple story threads happening at once. Sure, they collide at the end, but by then, I was well and truly lost.

The good news is, and it’s been out for quite a while now, L’Alpagueur is available in English, as Hunter Will Get You. The film is not a spy film, nor is a police film. It exists in that nether world in between. Belmondo plays, Roger Pilard, the ‘Alpagueur’ – or the ‘Predator’ in the English dub, and he hunts criminals who operate above the law. He is a mercenary, who does what the police are unable to do – for a price, of course.

The film opens early in the morning in Rotterdam, near the port. Some kind of sting is about to go down. The Predator, and his team are assembled, watching and waiting. Out of a water-side restaurant, three men exit carrying a briefcase full of money. The Predator’s team swoops. However, Pilard does not. He keeps watching and sees a pregnant lady exit the restaurant a few seconds later. He rushes after her, and starts kneeing her in the stomach. As you’ve guessed, she is not really pregnant. The kicks, knock free a padded pillow which had been strapped to her stomach. It falls from her skirt to the ground. He picks it up, and cuts it open, and inside is a shipment of heroin. Chalk one up for the Predator.

The organized crime syndicate behind the drug shipment of ‘H’ are very unhappy with Pilard, and set about finding out who he is (as nobody knows his true identity), and ultimately putting him out of business – and this becomes more prevalent as the story moves along.

While the crime syndicate is working on that, Pilard moves on to his next assignment – which is to shut down an illegal gambling operation. With fake eyebrows and a mustache, Pilard poses as an insurance agent named Roget, and within no time, he has routed out the bad guys.

Meanwhile, in Paris, in a pinball parlor, a juvenile delinquent named Costa Valdes (Patrick Fierry) is trying to rip the money tray out of one of the machines. He is observed by a violent criminal known as the ‘Epervier’ – the ‘Hawk’ in the English dub (played by Bruno Cremer). The Hawk recruit Valdes to assist in a robbery (for the tidy sum of $1000).

On the Hawk’s instruction, Valdes, armed with a pistol, walks into a jewelery store to rob it. The store owner hits the alarm switch. Hawk enters dressed as a policeman. Initially, Valdes in relieved, believing it is a great scheme employed by the Hawk. That is, until the Hawk shoots the store owner in cold blood. Then he draws a bead on Valdes. Hawk fires, hitting Valdes in the arm. He is about to finish him off, when two real policemen enter the store. Hawk turns and guns them down. Then he flees, leaving Valdes alive – the only man able to identify the maniac criminal.

Valdes is sent to prison, but he refuses to rat on Hawk – leaving the authorities once again, without a lead on Hawk’s identity.

After Pilard has taken care of the gambling operation, his next mission is to catch Hawk. With the only lead being Valdes, Pilard is given a fake identity and arranges to be sent to prison, and to share a cell with Valdes.

Unbeknownst to Pilard, the prison officials are corrupt, and this puts him on a collision course with the aforementioned crime syndicate – and ultimately leading to a showdown with Hawk.

Hunter Will Get You is an entertaining slice of 1970’s crime action. It’s not a masterpiece, by any stretch of the imagination, but it is a good solid thriller with good performances by Belmondo and Cremer. As a way of lazy comparison, this is the type of movie Charles Bronson made in the ’70s – which to your way of thinking, may be a plus, or a minus (I don’t think Bronson made crap until the ’80s, so, to be it’s a big plus). There’s a hint of vigilante to Belmondo’s character, Pilard. For the first two assignments, he takes a hefty fee. But when he is assigned to Hawk, he refuses to be paid, as Hawk is such a menace to society. In Pilard’s quest, laws are not really applicable – he’ll do what ever is required (so I guess he’s some kind of government sanctioned vigilante).

If you like Belmondo, or seventies action thrillers, this is worth a look.

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  1. Nice review. I love Belmondo.

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