The Librio Defection: Free for your Kindle

My Retro-Spy novelette, The Librio Defection, a white knuckle action adventure which harks back to the great spy novels of the ’60s and ’70s, but infused with the high-octane punch of a modern thriller, is now FREE on Amazon – for your Kindle (or Computer/Tablet/Phone device) – it will be available for free until Friday 23rd November 2012.

Check out this fantastic 5 star review from JM Baxter (author of the Victor Nelson Adventures).

‘I thought that no one wrote books like this any more – so I was pleased to come across this. It’s an exciting page turner, reminiscent of Ian Fleming or James Mayo, and the atmosphere created is similar to the early Bond films or the Man from UNCLE. I look forward to reading more adventures for Agent Love.’

I know a few readers are also eagerly awaiting the release of swingin’ sixties spy anthology, The COBRAS Files, early next year – featuring stories from Paul Bishop, Jason Whiton, Ade Hawkins and Gary Philips. My contribution features Jarvis Love – the hero of The Librio Defection. If you want a head start, and want to know what’s swinging in the world of Retro-Spy, then scoot over to Amazon and download The Librio Defection now.

Enjoy 142 pages of wild sixties spy mayhem. Please share – tell your family and friends. I’d like to give away as many copies as I can. And of course, all mentions, likes, reviews (good or bad) are gratefully appreciated.

Or drop me a line in the comments section below, with your thoughts.

You can find it at Amazon US by clicking here.

You can find it at Amazon UK by clicking here.

The LIBRIO Defection

A fast paced novella filled with international intrigue and espionage.

1966: The world’s greatest violinist, Soviet, Alexander Stanislas wants to defect to the West after the violent death of his half-brother. But he has one condition; he wants his Italian mistress, Belladonna Librio to come over with him.

Jarvis Love works for the Global Intelligence Network. He is young, inexperienced and about to be thrust in the explosive world of Cold War espionage for the first time. His assignment seems simple enough; locate Belladonna Librio and escort her back to London.

Major Sacha Vorinski, of the Fifth Chief Directorate has other plans.

Filled with brutal fights and wild chases, The LIBRIO Defection is a white knuckle action adventure which harks back to the great spy novels of the ’60s and ’70s, but infused with the high-octane punch of a modern thriller.

This edition also includes a sneak peek at Jarvis Love’s first full length adventure, The Danakil Deception.

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  1. Looking forward to delving in to the COBRAS files!

  2. Just a quick update, for those who have been following the progress of The COBRAS Files. The project has been shelved for the moment – but the good news is that wasn’t due to the quality of the stories. For example, Jason Whiton’s contribution has mushroomed into a fantastic novel called ‘Elevator Girl’. I have had the privilege to read an ARC, and boy, you are going to want to read that one when it comes out.

    My contribution, ‘The BROMPTON Exchange’ will appear in a future edition of the pulp magazine, Pro Se Presents…most likely in 2014. I will let everyone know when it hits the shelves.


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