The Two Edged Sword

Author: L.B. Earle
Publisher: Horwitz
Published: 1965
Book No: 31

Following on from Tuesday’s post about Prisoner of War pulp fiction, published in Australia in the 1960s. Here’s another one, The Two Edged Sword. Once again, I have not read this one, but it would appear that this time American Marines are the target for brutality inflicted by the Japanese.

As with all Horwitz books, there is little information available on the author (the National Library of Australia lists this as his only work).


Here, in this hell camp, the bestiality of the inquisitors revealed war in its most terrible aspect.


The two edged sword became the symbol of Captain Yakahito’s rule of terror on the lonely outpost of Wake Island, the Japanese and American marines are locked in deadly combat. The unequal struggle is soon over, the island is taken by the enemy and the surviving marines are taken prisoner by the Japanese.

Captured, interrogated, beaten and tortured, the men are taken to one of the infamous prison camps deep in the Burmese jungle on the Thai border.

Menaced by the sun, ravaged by disease, with starvation and despair their only companions, they plan to escape – but their only hope is help from the outside.

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