COMMANDO: Operation Arrowhead

Author: Jack Badelaire
Publisher: Post Modern Pulp Books
Published: August 2012

Commando: Operation Arrowhead is a rapid fire wartime thriller from author Jack Badelaire. The story concerns Corporal Thomas Lynch, and a team of British Commandos who are dropped into France to make contact and assist the French Resistance. Of course, there is a traitor among the ranks of the Resistance and the mission is compromised from the outset. What follows is a series of running battles and fire-fights that will keep most readers flicking the pages well into the night (or if commuting, possibly miss their train stop).

The story serves up more than the requisite bullets bombs and explosions. There’s a damsel in distress, a truly despicable villain, and a coterie of characters who are a joy to ride along with (as they blast Nazi scum to hell).

Badelaire’s greatest achievement, is he takes a well-worn genre – the war time ‘men on a mission’ story – and breathes new life into it. The story is fresh and exciting, and written with the pace of a modern thriller. I loved reading every word of it.

Corporal Thomas Lynch won fame at the Battle of Arras, and felt the shame of defeat at Dunkirk. A year later, as a member of Britain’s elite No. 3 Commando, Lynch wants nothing more than to go back over the Channel and kick open Hitler’s Fortress Europe, guns blazing.

Introduced by his commanding officer to the enigmatic Lord Pembroke, Lynch is offered a chance to be part of a special team of hand-picked Commandos. Their assignment: sneak into occupied France and ally with the French partisans to fight back against the Nazis.

Lynch readily accepts the challenge, but when the mission goes awry from the very beginning, and the motives of the partisan leader become suspect, the Commandos begin to wonder about their role in the mission: trusted allies with the partisans, or worms dangling as bait for a hungry fish?

COMMANDO: Operation Arrowhead is a military action – adventure novel written in the spirit of classic war movies such as The Guns of Navarone, The Dirty Dozen, and Where Eagles Dare, as well as the WW2 fiction of authors like Max Adams, James Holland, Iain Gale, and Michael Asher.

If you’re looking for informative, accurate historical war fiction, then this is not the book for you. However, if you enjoy apologetically heroic and bullet-riddled tales of derring-do, then Commando: Operation Arrowhead is just the ticket.

Commando: Operation Arrowhead is available from Amazon.

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  1. Awesome review, thank you!

    Operation Arrowhead is, in my mind, like a bunch of those semi-schlocky WW2 movies made in the 50’s through the 70’s, where the bad guys get shot and clutch their chests and spin around before they fall over dead. It’s meant to be “Cinematic” in the best sense of the term, and not a gruelingly accurate portrayal of WW2 history.

    I’m hoping to finish the draft of the sequel, Operation Bedlam, by the end of this week. If anyone is willing to offer a beta read, they’re more than happy to drop me a line.

    Thank you again for the great review – it’s an amazing feeling to hear positive feedback from readers who dig your work.

  2. Oh, fair warning to future readers though, the bad guys in COA don’t actually “spin around and fall down dead” bloodlessly. As David can attest to, there’s exploding brainpans and flying limbs and all manner of other forms of violence. Happy reading!

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