Brigitte Montfort: The Mystery of the Flying Saucer

1991 – Editora Monterrey Limitada

Although virtually unknown in the west, one of the world’s must successful spy series features a slinky spy named Brigitte Montfort. There were literally hundreds of these pocket books released in Brazil.

Thanks to Edson Aran (and that’s a BIG, BIG thank you), a Brazilian journalist and self confessed fan of spy movies I have acquired a couple of the pocket books.

It appears that these books were a serial, with each adventure playing out over three or four books.

My first hurdle is that I don’t speak Portuguese. But, like many of the movies I tackle, I don’t let little things like foreign languages get in the way of a good spy story. So to begin with, here’s my ham fisted translation of the opening page, which explains a little bit of the back story behind our slinky spy.

Brigitte Monfort In Action

Brigitte Monfort the daughter of Giselle, in
‘The Mystery of the Flying Saucer’


The daughter of Giselle, BRIGITTE MONFORT, exists, in some part of the world, acting under another name, in similar circumstances to the ones that are told now in this book. Her true identity, however, cannot be disclosed, so as not to jeopardise her work for the Secret Service.

In the last pages of Giselle’s biography, THE NAKED SPY WHO SHOOK PARIS, it states clearly that the famous heroine of the French Resistance, before being arrested and shot Cherche Midi prison, on the morning of 15 of March of 1944, confessed to her companion in jail, Gabriéle Ladème, that she had given birth to a daughter on the eve of World War II. The father of the child – Giselle explained – was a German who had abandoned her when she was pregnant, but later had the girl abducted.

The celebrity spy died without knowing her daughter – not even her name or her whereabouts.

Twenty years later, the daughter of Giselle appeared in the United States – pretty, elegant, courageous and…, well maybe it’s better if you start reading the story.

Thanks Edson for this treat. The books will be ‘a valuable item in my spy collection’.

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  1. fun discovery! so many untapped treasures to be translated and shared :) will you try to translate more of this story?

    -jason (spy vibe)

  2. Cheers Jason. Maybe a few pages, just to see where it goes. But translating it all is a little fruitless, as it is a part of a cliff-hanger series, and tracking down the other parts of the story may be a little tricky.

  3. This cover was made to brazilian artist called Benicio. His work is wonderfull and deserves to be saw. This is your website:

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