Lie Catchers

Lie Catchers Cover imageTitle: Lie Catchers
Author: Paul Bishop
Publisher: Pro Se Productions
Year: 2015

Lie Catchers is a police procedural with a twist. The two heroes of the story, ‘Calamity’ Jane Randall and Ray Pagan, have unique gifts which aid their investigation. Randall is a synesthete – which means she can see when people are lying – and Pagan is an empath and can tap into how people feel. Together this odd couple must solve the mysterious abduction of two children in L.A.

At first glance, the two abductions seem unconnected. One child was the daughter of a big-shot music producer. The other was the son of a single-mom struggling to make ends meet. Their worlds could not be further apart. But there is a connection. Randall and Pagan must untangle a web of lies to get to the truth.

Lie Catchers had me engrossed from first page till last, and the universe created by author, Paul Bishop, is one I would gladly visit again.

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