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The Zakhov Mission

Author: Andrei Gulyashki Translated by Maurice Michael Publisher: Cassell Published: 1968 Originally published as Priklogyyeniyema na Avakum Zakhov (1963) The first thing I must clear up is the relationship between Andrei Gulyashki’s books The Zakhov Mission and Avakoum Zahov versus 07. They are two different books. The original Russian version of The Zakhov Mission was […]

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Avakoum Zahov Versus 07

Author: Andrei Gulyaski Publisher: Scripts Publishing Published: 1967 I generally lounge around in a dinner suit, seated in a candy coloured bean bag, nursing a vodka martini while watching spy films from the sixties. But today, with your indulgence, I am going to slip into a burgundy crushed velvet smoking jacket, light my pipe, pour […]

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