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FX-18 Superspy (1965)

Original Title: Coplan FX-18 Casse Tout AKA: Agent 077 Summergame, Agent 777 Mission Summergame, The Exterminators, Coplan FX 18 Country: France / Italy Director: Riccardo Freda Starring: Richard Wyler, Robert Manuel, Jany Clair, Valeria Ciangottini, Maria-Rosa Rodriguez Music: Michel Magne To confuse things, a lot of Eurospy movies called them self ‘077’ movies, but in […]

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Coplan Saves His Skin (1968)

Original title: Coplan sauve sa peau AKA: Devil’s Garden / Requiem for a Snake Country: France / Italy Director: Yves Boisset Starring: Claudio Brook, Margaret Lee, Jean Servais, Bernard Blier, Jean Topart, Hans Meyer, Klaus Kinski Music: Jean-Claude Pelletier Based on the book Coplan Paie le Cercueil by Paul Kenny Coplan Saves his Skin is […]

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