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The Executioner II: Karate Inferno (1974)

Country: Japan Director: Teruo Ishii Starring: Sonny Chiba, Eiji Gô, Yutaka Nakajima, Etsuko Shihomi, Kanjûrô Arashi, Ryô Ikebe, Tetsurô Tanba, Makoto Satô Music: Hajime Kaburagi Original Title: Chokugeki jigoku-ken: Dai-gyakuten The Executioner II: Karate Inferno is a broad comedic caper film, with a pinch of extreme violence added at the end (which may be somewhat […]

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Hunter Will Get You (1976)

Country: France Director: Philipe Labro Starring: Jean-Paul Belmondo, Bruno Cremer, Jean Negroni, Patrick Fierry, Jean-Pierre Jorris, Victor Garrivier Music: Michel Columbier Original Title: L’Alpagueur One of the first movies I ever ordered from France, was L’Apagueur starring Jean-Paul Belmondo. I was going through a Belmondo phase at the time and wanted to get hold of […]

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French Connection II

Country: United States Director: John Frankenheimer Starring: Gene Hackman, Fernando Rey, Bernard Fresson, Cathleen Nesbitt Music: Don Ellis The French Connection was such a good film that any sequel was bound to pale in comparison. But French Connection 2 is not a bad film – just an inferior sequel. They key to the success of […]

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Author: Richard Stark (Donald Westlake) Publisher: University Of Chicago Press (Reprint edition) Published: 1997 I have a hand-written list on the fridge of items that I should own, but don’t. Mostly it’s mainstream films that I have never bothered to pick up. They are easy to find, and often turn up on TV. Generally, these […]

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Winter Chill

Author: Jon Cleary Publisher: Harper Collins Published: 1995 Book No: 12 I don’t know if Jon Cleary is still alive, but if he is, he’d be 95 years old. His Australian crime fiction legacy is staggering. Actually that statement probably is unfair, as not all of his books are crime thrillers. The first Cleary book […]

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Guns at Cyranos (1986)

Series: Philip Marlowe, Private Eye Country: United States Director: Robert Iscove Starring: Powers Boothe, Roxanne Hart, Cec Linder, Mark Humphrey, Ken pogue, John Ireland Music: Samuel Matlovsky Title Theme: Moe Koffman Based on the short story by Raymond Chandler Guns at Cyrano’s is a short story by Raymond Chandler, which originally appeared in Black Mask, […]

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One Too Many Blows To The Head

Here is the book trailer for fellow Fightcard author, Eric Beetner’s novel One Too Many Blows To The Head. Book trailer One Too Many Blows To The Head from Eric Beetner on Vimeo. May sees the launch of King of the Outback, the sixth book in the popular Fightcard series – and my literary debut […]

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Crime Factory 10

G’day all. The tenth issue of popular web magazine, Crime Factory is now live. This issue includes a short piece by me (writing as James Hopwood), called For Your Sighs Only: The Spy-Fi Smut of Clyde Allison, which looks back at the 0008 book series, in all their filthy glory. But, there’s plenty more in […]

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Violent Rome (1976)

Country: Italy AKA: Roma Violenta, Forced Impact, Violent City Director: Marino Girolami Starring: Maurizio Merli, Ray Lovelock, John Steiner, Richard Conte, Luciano Rossi Music: Guido De Angelis, Maurizio De Angelis The man with the moustache, Maurizio Merli is back, as another hard-hitting, no holds barred police officer, in this the first of a trio of […]

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Circus of Fear (1966)

Director: John Moxley Starring: Christopher Lee, Margaret Lee, Leo Genn, Anthony Newlands, Heinz Drache, Eddi Arent, Klaus Kinski, Suzy Kendall, Cecil Parker, Victor Maddern, Maurice Kaufmann Screenplay: Peter Welbeck Producer: Harry Alan Towers Music: Johnny Douglas AKA: Psycho Circus What we have in Circus Of Fear is a British (rather than German) Edgar Wallace Krimi, […]

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