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The Man From SMUT

Warning: This post features slightly higher sexual content than usual. If you are easily offended, please skip over this one. What is it about spy stories (and the world of James Bond) that make also make them perfect fodder for erotic lampoons? Is the the character names like Pussy Galore, Lovey Kravzit or Aureole Canasta? […]

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Dig that Crazy Scene, Man!

One of the fascinating things about watching spy films from the 1960s is the layering of psychedelic elements into the plot, and their presentation on screen. Psychedelia is one element that truly separates a spy film from 1960s from those of the preceding decades, and those after it (although I am sure some throwback psychedelia […]

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Get Flint: at Spy Vibe

Jason at Spy Vibe is running a competition for one DVD copy each of Our Man Flint and In Like Flint, two of the most GROOVY 60s spy films of all time. For Spy Vibers who need to add Flint to their collection, send an email to with IN LIKE FLINT or OUR MAN […]

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Our Man Flint: Dead On Target

Country: United States Director: Joseph L. Scanlan Starring: Ray Danton, Sharon Acker, Lawrence Dane, Donnelly Rhodes, Gay Rowan, Franz Russell, Linda Sorensen. Apparently Our Man Flint: Dead On Target hasn’t been shown for 27 years. The rumours are that it was buried because it was such a stinker. It isn’t quite as bad as people […]

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