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Dracula 2000

Country: United States Director: Patrick Lussier Starring: Gerard Butler, Christopher Plummer, Jonny Lee Miller, Justine Waddell, Colleen Fitzpatrick, Jennifer Esposito, Jeri Ryan, Shane West, Nathan Fillion, Music: Marco Beltrami Dracula 2000 (or 2001 as it appears on the screen as the movie starts – it wasn’t released in Australia till March 2001) is perfect popcorn […]

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Holmes Book Cover 1

Sherlock Holmes vs Dracula (or The Adventure of the Sanguinary Count) – by Loren D. Estleman – 1978 From the blurb: ‘A ship is discovered adrift off the English coast, its crew missing, its murdered captain lashed to the wheel, and its only passenger a sinister black dog. This impenetrable mystery is clearly a case […]

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