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1966 NBC Promo Posters

I SPY NBC 1966 POSTER MAN FROM UNCLE NBC 1966 POSTER GET SMART NBC 1966 POSTER These posters were part of a lot sold in May, 2011 at Heritage Auctions. The UNCLE poster is by an artist named Allison (from the signature), and went for $84. The I Spy poster is by Gustav Rehberger, and […]

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Man v. Machine: Goodguy Cybernauts

Fiction, especially spy fiction, is rife with robots created by evil geniuses bent on world domination and/or destruction. Sometimes those robots are destroyed by superhero secret agents, but sometimes they miraculously develop a moral consciousness, turn on their creators, and choose to do good. Let’s take a look at a pair of those today! The […]

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Kill Kill Kill

Forgive me — this one is a bit of a nostalgia trip. Today I am setting the way back machine to the mid 1980s, and an amusing and slightly embarrassing chapter in Australia’s rock history. Bear with me, it does have a spy connection at the end, especially as the story spirals out of control. […]

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Get Smart: Aboard The Orient Express (1965)

Directed by Frank McDonald Don Adams, Barbara Feldon, Edward Platt, Theodore Marcuse, Johnny Carson, Bill Glover, Del Close, Carol Ohmart, Victor French I love spy stories set on trains. If you flick back through past posts you’ll find reviews for Sleeping Car To Trieste, Bullet To Beijing and a whole swag of spy films that […]

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