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The Balearic Caper (1966)

Original Title: Baleari operazione Oro Starring: Mireille Darc, Venantino Venantini, Daniela Bianchi, Jacques Sernas, Marilu Tolo, Harold Sakata, Jose Luis Lopez Vazquez Writer: Jaime de Arminan, Jose Maria Forque, Giovanni Simonelli, Duccio Tessari Director: Jose Maria Forque Cinematographer: Cecilio Paniagua Editor: Franco Fraticelli Music: Benedetto Ghiglia Producer: Jose Gutierrez Maesso Alternate Titles: Operation Gold / […]

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Freeze Frame

Story adapted by Caryn Jenner  Illustrations: Arkadia Publisher: Buzz Books Published: 1993 James Bond Jr is the nephew of secret agent James Bond 007, and he featured in an animated television series in the early 1990s. Freeze Frame is based on Weather or Not, which is the fiftieth episode (of sixty-five) from the series. As the […]

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