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Deadly Trust

Author: JJ Cooper Publisher: Random House – Bantam Books Published: 2010 A few months a go I reviewed JJ Cooper’s first novel The Interrogator. I made no secret that I really enjoyed it. I am actually hoping some of the readers here – particularly the Bond fans – will take the time to track the […]

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The Guns of August

August promises to be a big month for fans of spy fiction with the release of three highly anticipated spy novels. We’ve already seen the launch (on August 2nd) of Deadly Trust, from Australian author JJ Cooper. The book is the second book in the Jay Ryan series, following on from last year’s debut The […]

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The Interrogator

Author: JJ Cooper Publisher: Bantam Release Year: 2009 I am a consumer and certainly not an expert on marketing by any stretch of the imagination. I do not know why ‘something’ sells, and why other things don’t. Therefore take my following comments with a grain of salt because I am not in a position to […]

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