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Nowhere To Run (1993)

Director: Robert Harmon Starring: Jean Claude Van-Damme, Rosanna Arquette, Joss Ackland, Ted levine, Kieran Culkin Nowhere to Run is essentially a remake of Shane – and I have no problem with that. Shane has been remade many times; such as Pale Rider, with Clint Eastwood, or Malone, with Burt Reynolds. Those of you who have […]

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Derailed (2002)

Country: Aruba / United States Director: Bob Misiorowski Starring: Jean-Claude Van Damme, Tomas, Arana, Laura Harring, Susan Gibney, Lucy Jenner, Jessica Bowman, Kristopher Van Varenberg, John Bishop, Dayton Callie, Jimmy Jean-Louis Editor: Marc Jakubowicz, Fernando Villena Writers: Boaz Davidson, Jace Anderson, Adam Gierasch Cinematographer: Ross W. Clarkson Music: Serge Corbet Producers: Kathy Brayton, Boaz Davidson, […]

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The Order

Release Year: 2001 Country: Aruba / United States Director: Sheldon Letich Starring: Jean-Claude Van Damme, Sofia Milos, Brian Thompson, Ben Cross, Charlton Heston Writer: Les Weldon, Jean-Claude Van Damme Editor: Alain Jabubowicz Director of Photography: David Gurfunkel Music: Pino Donaggio Producers: Danny Lerner, John Thompson, Avi Lerner AKA: Jihad Warrior Just a quick one today. […]

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