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Helm For the Holidays

Happy 2013, everyone! Let’s check in again with agent-of-unnamed-government-organization Matt Helm, and his creator, author Donald Hamilton, in the second volume of the Helm series, The Wrecking Crew. First, I want to address an issue I had with the last novel, Death of a Citizen, and a comment that addressed that somewhat, because that comment […]

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Music of Hugo Montenegro

Today I am going to look at the work of composer Hugo Montenegro. Montenegro is probably more famous for his re-interpretation of other composer’s music. His version of Ennio Morricone’s The Good, The Bad And The Ugly topped the U.S. charts (making it to #2). But Montenegro did his own tunes as well and provided […]

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The Man From SMUT

Warning: This post features slightly higher sexual content than usual. If you are easily offended, please skip over this one. What is it about spy stories (and the world of James Bond) that make also make them perfect fodder for erotic lampoons? Is the the character names like Pussy Galore, Lovey Kravzit or Aureole Canasta? […]

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Dig that Crazy Scene, Man!

One of the fascinating things about watching spy films from the 1960s is the layering of psychedelic elements into the plot, and their presentation on screen. Psychedelia is one element that truly separates a spy film from 1960s from those of the preceding decades, and those after it (although I am sure some throwback psychedelia […]

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Matt Helm: Pilot (1975)

Release Year: (1975) Country: United States Director: Buzz Kulik Starring: Anthony Franciosa, Anne Turkel, John Vernon, Patrick Macnee Music: Jerry Fielding Based on characters created by Donald Hamilton I had heard a lot about this Matt Helm series – most of it was bad. The biggest complaint seemed to be that Matt Helm was no […]

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Slash and Burn

Author: Matt Hilton Publisher: Hodder and Stoughton Release Year: 2010 Slash and Burn is the third novel in Matt Hilton’s Joe Hunter series following on from Dead Men’s Dust and Judgement and Wrath. Is Joe Hunter a spy? No, but that brings up an interesting question. What constitutes a spy story. If you’ll forgive me […]

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The Silencers

Dean Martin As Matt Helm Sings Songs From “The Silencers” LA Gloria Records 1966 (New Zealand pressing) Produced by Jimmy Bowen. Arranged by Ernie Freeman and Gene Page. When The Silencers was released at the cinemas in the mid sixties, two albums were released to accompany it. First there was Elmer Bernstein’s soundtrack album, which […]

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The Ambushers (1967)

Directed by Henry LevinDean Martin, Senta Berger, Janice Rule, James Gregory, Albert Salmi, Beverly Adams, The SlaygirlsMusic by Hugo MontenegroBased loosely on the novel by Donald Hamilton Along with James Bond and Derek Flint, Matt Helm is one of the cinematic world’s best known super-spies. As portrayed by Dean Martin, Helm was an inebriated womaniser […]

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Murderers’ Row (1966)

Directed by Henry Levin Dean Martin, Karl Malden, Anne Margaret, Camilla Sparv, James Gregory, Beverly Adams Music by Lalo Schifrin Based on the novel by Donald Hamilton Here’s a quick one. I don’t think too much needs to be said about the Dean Martin Matt Helm films. You either love ‘em or hate ‘em. Fans […]

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