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Last Day in Limbo

Author: Peter O’Donnell Publisher: Souvenir Press Published: 1976 Over the years I haven’t blogged too much about Modesty Blaise, which I almost feel embarrassed about. A casual observer may think that I don’t like Modesty, which is actually far from the truth. So I thought it was time to rectify the dearth of Modesty material […]

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Dig that Crazy Scene, Man!

One of the fascinating things about watching spy films from the 1960s is the layering of psychedelic elements into the plot, and their presentation on screen. Psychedelia is one element that truly separates a spy film from 1960s from those of the preceding decades, and those after it (although I am sure some throwback psychedelia […]

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Bolt Action

Author: Charlie Charters Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton Published: 2010 As a youngster, one of my favourite books, was the Modesty Blaise adventure The Silver Mistress. I don’t even know if it is one of Peter O’Donnell’s best Modesty stories, but it hit me at just the right age – and when I found out what […]

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Deadlier Than the Male

In the 1960s the world was changing. With the Women’s Liberation movement and the sexual revolution, women became more than damsels in distress that had to be rescued by stereotypical men of action in spy stories. Women could be secret agents in their own right, every bit the equal to a James Bond or a […]

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Modesty Blaise: Pilot (1979)

Release Year: (1979 or 1982) Country: United States Director: Reza Badiyl Starring: Anne Turkel, Lewis Van Bergen, Keene Curtis, Sarah Rush, Professor Toru Tanaka Music: Kevin Knelman Based on characters created by Peter O’Donnell Most visitors to this site probably have an image in their mind of what Modesty Blaise looks like. For some, it […]

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Modesty Blaise: A Taste For Death

Curt Purcell at The Groovy Age of Horror blog has posted a review of the Modesty Blaise adventure A Taste For Death. This novel sees the return of Modesty’s arch-nemesis, Gabrielle from the first book (and played by Dirk Bogarde in the abhorrent film version – but we’ll talk about that another day!) To head […]

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My Name Is Modesty (2003)

Director: Scott SpiegelStarring: Alexandra Staden, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Raymond Cruz, Fred Pearson, Eugenia Yuan,Music: Deborah LurieBased on Characters created by Peter O’Donnell Time was running out for Miramax films, who held the film rights to the character Modesty Blaise. They had to make a film quickly or lose those rights. My Name Is Modesty is the […]

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