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Nobody Dies For Free – An Interview

Recently, I had a chance to throw a few tough questions at author, Aaron Smith, about his spy thriller, Nobody Dies For Free. From my hollowed out volcano, I grilled him on the story, the characters – and what’s coming up next. P2K: Firstly, Aaron, welcome to Permission to Kill, and congratulations on the publication […]

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Nobody Dies For Free – Book Review

Author: Aaron Smith Publisher: Pro Se Productions Published: June 2013 Nobody Dies For Free is a contemporary spy thriller written by Aaron Smith. Although it is set present day, the story goes to lengths to distance itself from modern surveillance technology. So there are no gadgets beyond normal cell phones and laptops. The story is […]

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Nobody Dies For Free

Pro Se Press enters the spy arena with their latest release, Nobody Dies For Free, written by Aaron Smith. In NOBODY DIES FOR FREE, Richard Monroe wants nothing more than early retirement and a peaceful life in Paris with the only woman he’s ever truly loved after years of loyally serving his country in the […]

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