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The Prisoner: The General (1967)

Country: United Kingdom Director: Peter Graham Scott Starring: Patrick McGoohan, Colin Gordon, John Castle, Peter Howell, Betty McDowall, Al Mancini, Angelo Muscat Music: Ron Grainer, Robert Farnon, Wilfred Josephs, Albert Elms One of the re-occurring motifs of each episode of The Prisoner television series are the continual attempts to break No. 6 (Patrick McGoohan) and […]

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Flashback No. 2

The Prisoner: An Enigma and a Tease By Ivan Hutchinson This article appeared in the Australian Video Age in the mid 1980s Only 17 episodes were made, yet Patrick McGoohan’s tantalising thriller series is still one of the best-remembered television programs of the ’60s. It’s now on tape from Syme Home Video, and Ivan Hutchinson […]

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The Prisoner: Checkmate (1967)

Country: United Kingdom Director: Don Chaffey Starring: Patrick McGoohan, Peter Wyngarde, Ronald Radd, Patricia Jessel, Rosalie Crutchley, Angelo Muscat Music: Ron Grainer The Prisoner is so much more than this overview of one episode in the series can convey. But to put it simply, The Prisoner is a psychedelic super spy series. Patrick McGoohan plays […]

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