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Si Muore Solo Una Volta (1967)

Country: Spain / Italy / France Starring: Ray Danton, Pamela Tudor, Sylvia Solar, Dada Gallotti, Francesca Rosana, Fernando Cebrian, Marco Guglielmi, Julio Pena Director: Giancarlo Romitelli Music: Carlo Savina Teleport City continues its espionage festival, and today’s contribution is another Eurospy feature: Si Muore Solo Una Volta. The sub-genre of spy films, known as Eurospy […]

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Agente Speciale LK (1967)

Bruno Nicolai 1999, Dagored CD Re-issue Agente Speciale LK, or Lucky The Inscrutable as I call it, is a strange little film that was directed by Jess Franco, and released in 1967. Just mentioning Franco’s name either conjures up fear or perverse delight. But generally, Franco’s films, despite what you may think of their content, […]

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Codename Jaguar (1965)

Director: Maurice LabroStarring: Ray Danton, Pascale Petit, Horst Frank, Wolfgang Preiss, Roger HaninMusic: Michel Legrand Codename Jaguar is a wild Eurospy extravaganza. It is loud, lurid (I think – the colours on the print I viewed were ‘bleeding’ into each other) and ultimately extremely entertaining. This time Danton is Jeff Larson, a swinging secret agent. […]

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Our Man Flint: Dead On Target

Country: United States Director: Joseph L. Scanlan Starring: Ray Danton, Sharon Acker, Lawrence Dane, Donnelly Rhodes, Gay Rowan, Franz Russell, Linda Sorensen. Apparently Our Man Flint: Dead On Target hasn’t been shown for 27 years. The rumours are that it was buried because it was such a stinker. It isn’t quite as bad as people […]

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Lucky The Incrutable (1967)

AKA: Speciale Agente LK – Operazione Re Mida Director: Jess Franco Starring: Ray Danton, Dante Posani, Barbara Bolt, Rosalba Neri, Beba Loncar Music: Bruno Nicolai Lucky: “You want my autograph don’t you? You recognised me without my disguise on. Oh, all right, I will sign it for you. But don’t tell anyone I’m here – […]

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New York Calling Superdragon

Director: Calvin Jackson PadgetStarring: Ray Danton, Margaret Lee, Marisa Mell, Carlo D’Angelo, Jess Hahn, Carlo HintermanMusic: Benedetto Ghiglia Rembrandt 13: “So you’re the famous Superdragon?”Superdragon: “That’s right. Would you like an autograph?”Rembrandt 13: “If that’s all you can offer a lady…”Superdragon: “Well in public, yes! But in private I try to be more generous!” New […]

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