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Firepower (1979)

Director: Michael Winner Starring: James Coburn | Sophia Loren | O.J. Simpson | Eli Wallach | Vincent Gardenia | Anthony Franciosa | Billy Barty | Victor Mature | Jake LaMotta Writers: Gerald Wilson | Bill Kirby | Michael Winner Music: Gato Barbieri Firepower is a late `70’s action film directed by Michael Winner, who is […]

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Arabesque (1965)

Directed by Stanley Donen Gregory Peck, Sophia Loren, Alan Badel, John Merivale, Kieron Moore Music by Henry Mancini Based on the novel, The Cypher by Gordon Cotler Arabesque is one of my favourite spy films from the sixties. It is flawed, but still a great thrill ride from go to whoa. Director Stanley Donen had […]

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