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Remo Williams: TV Series Pilot (1988)

A little bit more on the Destroyer. In 1988, an attempt to launch a Remo Williams television series was made. Only the pilot was completed – obviously not good enough (or popular enough?) to garner the support to proceed to a fully fledged series. I haven’t seen the Pilot myself, but below a few clips […]

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The Destroyer: Troubled Waters

Author: Mike Newton Publisher: Worldwide Gold Eagle Published: 2003 Book No. 133 Based on characters created by Richard Sapir and Warren Murphy To suggest that I am an expert on the Destroyer series, after only reading two books, would be the height of arrogance. So accept my comments as broad generalisations. Yesterday, I looked at […]

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The Destroyer: The Head Men

Author: Richard Sapir & Warren Murphy Publisher: Pinnacle Books Published: 1977 Book No: 31 I remember when the Destroyer movie came out in the mid 1980’s. I was very excited about it. That wasn’t because I was a fan of the Destroyer books – and in fact, The Head Man, which I am reviewing here, […]

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The Dead Man: Face of Evil

Authors: Lee Goldberg, William Rabkin Publisher: Adventures in Television Published: February 2011 Book No: 1 This novella is not a spy story, but the story has its roots in the ‘Men of Action’ stories that were popular in the ’70s and ’80s – and many of them were spy stories. But first, I want to […]

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