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Spy Poster of the Day
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1966 NBC Promo Posters

I SPY NBC 1966 POSTER MAN FROM UNCLE NBC 1966 POSTER GET SMART NBC 1966 POSTER These posters were part of a lot sold in May, 2011 at Heritage Auctions. The UNCLE poster is by an artist named Allison (from the signature), and went for $84. The I Spy poster is by Gustav Rehberger, and [...]

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Music of Hugo Montenegro

Today I am going to look at the work of composer Hugo Montenegro. Montenegro is probably more famous for his re-interpretation of other composer’s music. His version of Ennio Morricone’s The Good, The Bad And The Ugly topped the U.S. charts (making it to #2). But Montenegro did his own tunes as well and provided [...]

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Napoleon Doble: @ 4DK

My knowledge of Filipino cinema is admittedly poor. I have heard of the Tony Falcon, Agent 44 series, starring Tony Ferrer, but I have never actually seen one. At least sixteen films featuring Falcon were made (possibly more), from 1965 till 1980. As many these films were little more than imitations of Bond, very little [...]

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The Dead Ringer

The Dead Ringer, Doppelganger, Impostor, Look-a-like, call it what you will is a commonly used device in espionage movies. The most famous stories about dead ringers in popular culture would be The Man In The Iron Mask by Alexandre Dumas and The Prisoner Of Zenda by Anthony Hope. While both stories are hardly spy stories, [...]

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Spy Wise presents: The Final Affair

For fans of The Man From UNCLE, I have just received some great new from Wes Britton at Spy Wise. that he has added into his ‘Spies on Television & Radio’ Files, the final The Man From UNCLE novel, The Final Affair, by David McDaniel. Wes, in his introduction says: While a number of writers [...]

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The Rainbow Affair

Most of the books published in Australia are the English editions — although some American stuff slips in. Generally though, because we use the same spelling as the English, it will be the English version that is either imported into (or even printed in) Australia. For the series of The Man From UNCLE books, that [...]

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Man From UNCLE: Bookcovers

I am running behind on getting the usual Monday Morning Movie Review together (or the 3MR as we say in the trade). In the meantime, here are some bookcover scans from the Man From UNCLE series. These may be of interest to American readers as they differ from the ACE Books versions.

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The Karate Killers (1967)

AKA: The Five Daughters AffairCountry: United StatesDirector: Barry Shear Starring: Robert Vaughn, David McCallum, Herbert Lom, Curt Jurgens, Telly Savalas, Jill Ireland, Terry-Thomas, Kim Darby, Diane McBain, Leo G. Carroll, Danielle De Metz Music: Gerald FriedThe Man From UNCLE theme by Jerry Goldsmith There are many reasons why this film could be regarded as the [...]

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The Technological Hierarchy for what?

Over the last couple of weeks I have had a bit of fun with a few of my posts. The first was when I reviewed The Man From UNCLE book, The Affair Of The Gunrunner’s Gold. In that review I cheekily claimed that T.H.R.U.S.H. were an Australian organisation, founded on nothing beyond the fact that [...]

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