Roger Moore & the Crimefighters

For those who missed it earlier in the week (it was hidden in the comments section), here’s some information on Roger Moore and the Crimefighters. It was a six book children’s series. But despite the prominence of Roger Moore on the cover, and in the title he isn’t really a part of the stories until the end – where he plays himself (the actor).

The Crimefighters are a trio of kids (much like the Famous Five or the Secret Seven etc.) and they er, fight crime. At the end of each adventure they would visit Roger Moore and tell him the story of their adventure.

The books were published by Everest Books in the UK in 1977.

The six books are:
THE SIEGE by Malcolm Hulke
1001 SHOPLIFTERS by Robin Smyth
CROOK AHOY! by Fielden Hughes
DEATH IN DENIMS by Dulcie Gray
THE ANCHOR TRICK by Anthony Wall

I have been told that the last five are quite easy to come by, but THE SIEGE is quite difficult to track down. As you can see, I don’t have a copy of it.

Roger Moore’s royalties from the series were donated to the Stars Organisation for Spastics and to the Police Widows and Orphans Fund.

At the back of each book was a coupon that children could send off to become a ‘crimefighter’. This got them a free membership card, a free newspaper, and a chance to meet Roger Moore.

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