Golden Eyes: Secret Agent 077 (1968)

The espionage festival continues at Teleport City.  Today however, I step back into the shadows and allow Todd to carry the ball – and carry it he has – all the way to India! And you know what that means folks! Yep, not only wild and crazy spyjinx, but wild and willfully energetic dancing.

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Today’s feature presentation is the Bollywood spy caper Golden Eyes: Secret Agent 077, featuring Mumtaz, Sailesh Kumar and genre favourite, Helen. Here’s a brief snippet:

The 1968 film Golden Eyes: Secret Agent 077 is the sort of movie where bare-walled sets are dressed by way of colored lighting (it’s amazing what 1960s movies could accomplish with just a couple lights and some primary colored gels) and a super villain’s high-tech lair is represented by having what looks like the contents of an old Radio Shack “Build Your Own Ham Radio” kit strewn on a wooden table. In another villain’s hideout, the only decoration is a giant inflatable whiskey bottle. People speaking into common household fixtures and furnishings — lamps, radiators, etc. — as if they were communications devices replaces the fancy gadgets that had become prerequisites of the genre by this time. Scientific torture gizmos are so advanced scientifically that they are invisible, their effects only perceptible from the pained grimaces on the faces of their otherwise manifestly unmolested subjects. And yes, it’s all pretty delightful.

To be beamed directly to Teleport City and bathe in the candy-coloured excess that is Golden Eyes: Secret Agent 077 click here.

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