The LIBRIO Defection

Looking for wild and woolly spy thrills? My new retrospy book (writing under the pen name James Hopwood) is now available for Kindle (It will be available as a paperback in a few weeks time).

The story introduces Jarvis Love, a young agent working for the Global Intelligence Network (G.I.N. – for those fond of acronyms). On his first field assignment, Love is sent to Milan to escort Belladonna Librio, the mistress of a Russian violinist who is about to defect, back to England.

However, the Soviets are onto the scheme, and have their own plans for Belladonna. Love finds himself not only fighting to rescue Belladonna, but fighting for his very life.

Regular visitors to this site, would be well aware that I love sixties spy fiction, and The LIBRIO Defection with a stiff-upper lipped hero, and dastardly villains to hiss at, is in the sixties tradition. I had a blast writing it, and I hope you enjoy it!

It’s available from Amazon.

Here’s the spiel:

The LIBRIO Defection

A fast paced novella filled with international intrigue and espionage.

1965: The world’s greatest violinist, Soviet, Alexander Stanislas wants to defect to the West after the violent death of his half-brother. But he has one condition; he wants his Italian mistress, Belladonna Librio to come over with him.

Jarvis Love works for the Global Intelligence Network. He is young, inexperienced and about to be thrust in the explosive world of Cold War espionage for the first time. His assignment seems simple enough; locate Belladonna Librio and escort her back to London.

Major Sacha Vorinski, of the Fifth Chief Directorate has other plans.

Filled with brutal fights and wild chases, The LIBRIO Defection is a white knuckle action adventure which harks back to the great spy novels of the ’60s and ’70s, but infused with the high-octane punch of a modern thriller.

This edition also includes a sneak peek at Jarvis Love’s first full length adventure, The Danakil Deception.

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