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Chato’s Land (1971)

Country: United States Director: Michael Winner Starring: Charles Bronson, Jack Palance, Richard Basehart, James Whitmore, Simon Oakland, Richard Jordan, Victor French Music: Jerry Fielding Chato’s Land is a very interesting film. It is not a classic by any stretch of the imagination, but all the characters are fleshed out, and have multiple layers, and some […]

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The Sensuous Nurse (1975)

Original Title: (L’Infermiera) AKA: I Will If You Will, The Nurse, The Secrets of a Sensuous Nurse. Director: Nello Rossati Starring: Ursula Andress, Jack Palance, Duilio Del Prete, Luciana Paluzzi, Marina Confalone, Mario Pisu, Lino Toffolo, Carla Romanelli Music: Gianfranco Plenizio I struggle with Italian comedy. True, my experiences have been limited to a few […]

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