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Tiffany Memorandum (1967)

Country: Italy | France | Germany Director: Sergio Greico (as Terence Hathaway) Starring: Ken Clark, Irina Demick, Jacques Berthier, Luigi Vannuchi, Gregoire Aslan Music: Riz Ortolani The plot for the Tiffany Memorandum is more twisted than a bag of pretzels, with every character, with the exception of the blond haired square jawed hero, Dick Hallan […]

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Hercules Against The Mongols (1963)

Director: Domenico Paolella Starring: Mark Forest, José Greci, Ken Clark, Howard Ross, Nadir Moretti, Maria Grazia Spina Music: Carlo Savina A little while ago, I reviewed Hercules Against The Barbarians, which I didn’t think too highly of. Those who have visited this blog before may have noticed that I had attached an incorrect poster image […]

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Hercules Against The Barbarians (1964)

AKA: Masciste In the Hell Of Genghis Khan Director: Domenico Paolella Starring: Mark Forest, José Greci, Ken Clark, Gloria Milland, Roldano Lupi Music: Giuseppe Piccillo, Carlo Savina As with most of the Peplum films that are out there, there appears to be many versions of this film, varying in running time from about 90 minutes […]

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Special Mission Lady Chaplin (1966)

AKA: Operation Lady ChaplinCountry: Spain / Italy / FranceDirector: Alberto De MartinoStarring: Ken Clark, Daniella Bianchi, Jacques Bergerac, Phillipe Hersent, Evelyn Stewart, Mabel Karr, Helga LinéMusic: Bruno NicolaiSong, ‘Lady Chaplin’, sung by Bobby Solo What is it that attracts the worlds spy story tellers to scorpions? Just of the top of my head I know […]

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Mission Bloody Mary (1965)

AKA: Agent 077 Mission Bloody Mary | Operation Blue Lotus Director: Sergio Grieco (as Terrence Hathaway) Starring: Ken Clark, Mitsouko, Philippe Hersent, Helga Liné Music: Angelo Francesco Lavagnino Mission Bloody Mary is one of the best entries in the Eurospy genre. Ken Clark is Dick Malloy, Agent 077, on the trail of The Black Lotus, […]

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From The Orient With Fury (1965)

AKA: Fury In The Orient, Agent 077 Operation Istanbul, Fury In Istanbul, Fury On The Bosphorus, Storm Over The Bosphorus Director: Terrence Hathaway (Sergio Grieco) Starring: Ken Clark, Fernando Sancho, Margaret Lee, Philippe Hersent, Franco Ressel, Vitorrio Sanipoli, Mikaela Music: Piero Piccioni Songs ‘Before It’s Too Late’ and ‘You Wonderful You’ sung by Lydia Macdonald […]

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