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Bad Man’s River (1971)

Director: Gene Martin Starring: Lee Van Cleef | James Mason | Gina Lollobrigida | Gianni Garko | Diana Lorys | Jess Hahn | Eduardo Fajardo By the early 1970s the Spaghetti Western was waning in popularity. To breathe life into the genre, film producers and directors were trying new things. Some chose to latch onto […]

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Five Guns to Red Butte

Title: Five Guns to Red Butte Author: Ben Taggart (Roger Green) Publisher: Iron Horse Westerns (251) – a Division of Cleveland Publishing Co. Published: 1976 ‘Only Clint Dawson could save the town!’ The cover of this 100 page novella, features a villainous Lee Van Cleef look-a-like, which in some ways is appropriate, as the hero of […]

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