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The Four Legendary Kingdoms

Title: The Four Legendary Kingdoms Author: Matthew Reilly Publisher: Pan Macmillan Published: 2016 Series: Jack West Jr. – Book 4 I have a love / hate relationship with Matthew Reilly’s novels. When Reilly gets it right, his books are the equivalent of a spectacular Big Screen Blockbuster movie; they are jaw-droppingly exciting and a great […]

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Scarecrow and the Army of Thieves

Author: Matthew Reilly Publisher: MacMillan Published: 2012 Scarecrow and the Army of Thieves is the fourth outing for Captain Shane Schofield, after Ice Station, Area 7, and Scarecrow (it’s the fifth if you count the novella Hell Island which was given away for free as a part of the Books Alive campaign in Australia – […]

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The Six Sacred Stones

Author: Matthew Reilly Published by: MacMillan Release Year: 2007 Matthew Reilly’s Jack West novels are not spy stories, but they cover every thrill-packed adventure cliché there is, whether your an Indiana Jones fan, a James Bond fan, a Sarge Steel fan, a Lord of the Rings fan, or a Clive Cussler fan you’re sure to […]

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