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Wonder Woman vs Gargantua

Series: Wonder Woman (Season 1) Country: United States Director: Charles R. Rondeau Starring: Linda Carter, Lyle Waggoner, Richard Easham, Beatrice Colen, Robert Loggia, Gretchen Corbett, John Hillerman, Tom Reese, and Mickey Morton as Gargantua Music: Artie kane Title Song: Charles Fox / Norman Gimbel Based on characters created by Charles Mouton Wonder Woman was one […]

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King Kong Escapes (1968)

Country: Japan Director: Inoshiro Honda Starring: Rhodes Reason, Mie Hama, Linda Miller, Akira Takarada, Eisei Amamoto The nuclear submarine, Explorer, a vessel of the United Nations Research Council, under the command of Commander Carl Nelson (Rhodes Reason), is on a mission to discover oil. On route under the Java Sea, Nelson, who also happens to […]

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Maciste in King Solomon’s Mines (1964)

Country: Italy Director: Piero Regnoli Starring: Reg Park, Wandisa Guida, Eleonora Bianchi, Bruno Piergentili, Elio Jotta, and ‘Little’ Loris Loddi Music: Francesco De Masi Original Title: Maciste nelle miniere di re Salomone Welcome to the ‘Big Muscle Tussle’. During February, the members of the Mysterious Order of the Skeleton Suit are celebrating musclemen – and […]

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Secret Santa: Fire Fang Has Risen From the Grave

A couple of weeks ago I shared the Secret Santa gift that was forcibly thrust upon me by Tars Tarkas, but now, you’re probably wondering what horrific gift did I send out? Well my unfortunate victim; oops, sorry, I mean lucky recipient was Carol from the Cultural Gutter. Carol’s specialty is comics, so I figured […]

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Secret Santa: Assignment Sphinx

Today marks the fifth anniversary of Permission to Kill, and I thought it was appropriate to look at something off the beaten track, and I was given that opportunity by my Secret Santa. You see, over the last month or so (depending on the postal services of the world), the minions of The Mysterious Order […]

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Kizil Maske (1968)

In Turkey, The Phantom is known as Kizil Maske, or The Red Mask, but I regret to inform you that at this time I have not been able to acquire copies of any of the three Turkish Phantom movies. Yep, that’s right, there were three of them – and just to confuse you (well it […]

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Il Marchio Di Kriminal (1967)

Country: Italy / Spain Directors: Fernando Cerchio, Nando Cicero Starring: Glenn Saxson, Helga Line, Andrea Bosic, Frank Oliver, Tomas Pico, Evi Rigano Music: Manuel Parada Il Marchio Di Kriminal is much lighter in tone than it’s predecessor, and the plot is a little more straight forward. But, it is still fine, good old fashioned entertainment. […]

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Kriminal (1966)

Country: Italy Director: Umberto Lenzi Starring: Glenn Saxson, Helga Line, Andrea Bosic, Ivano Staccioli, Esmeralda Ruspoli, Dante Posani, Franco Fantasia, Susan Baker Music: Raymond Full, Roberto Pregadio The character Kriminal has a rich history, which is a bit out of my depth to discuss at length. Put simply, Kriminal began in a series of adult […]

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The Phantom: Mini Series (2010)

Country: United States Director: Paolo Barzman Starring: Ryan Carnes, Sandrine Holt, Cameron Goodman, Jean Marchand, Isabella Rossellini, Cas Anvar, Ron Lea, Victor Andres Turgeon-Trelles Writers: Charles H. Knauf, Daniel Knauf Music: Michel Corriveau There’s an old jungle saying, ‘never throw the baby out with the bath water’. And unfortunately that is just what this series […]

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The Phantom: The Great Web of Spidera

Written by Lee Falk Illustrated by Sy Barry The Great Web of Spidera is a Phantom story from 1965. The tale starts with an oil geologist, named Eliot, and his pilot flying over the Bengali jungles when they encounter a severe storm and are blown off course. Flying low to spot landmarks, Elliot spies a […]

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