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Tiffany Memorandum (1967)

Country: Italy | France | Germany Director: Sergio Greico (as Terence Hathaway) Starring: Ken Clark, Irina Demick, Jacques Berthier, Luigi Vannuchi, Gregoire Aslan Music: Riz Ortolani The plot for the Tiffany Memorandum is more twisted than a bag of pretzels, with every character, with the exception of the blond haired square jawed hero, Dick Hallan […]

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Lightning Bolt (1966)

AKA: Operation Goldman Country: Spain | Italy Director: Antonio Margheriti (as Anthony Dawson) Starring: Anthony Eisley | Diana Lorys | Folco Lulli | Ursula Parker | Wandissa Leigh | Paco Sanz Music: Riz Ortolani There’s a line towards the end of this film, where the hero quips to the villain that he ‘never liked your […]

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