As much as I love to watch and write about spy films, I can’t know everything. Sometimes you have to read a few different reviews to get a good idea of what a film is really like – and like you, I surf the net looking for other reviews.

When I need another opinion, these are the sites that I go to:



As many of you are aware, I do a little bit of moonlighting over at Teleport City, but long before I posted reviews there, I was a fan of the site, visiting every day. Put simply, it is the best lifestyle site on the internet. Films, Books, Travel, Adventure, Wining & Dining, Boozing, Music and much more, all come under the watchful eye of Teleport City team.

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Todd Stadtman is a Bay Area based musician and writer whose past history of playing in marginal punk rock bands has left him with a deep feeling of kinship with all things unloved and obscure. This affinity is perhaps what lead him in late 2006 to create The Lucha Diaries, and later, Die Danger Die Die Kill. Both sites offer a smorgasbord of reviews for films that I didn’t know existed.

Die Danger Die Die Kill is one of my favourite blogs, not simply because Todd is a fellow writer at Teleport City, but because he is good writer. Each post takes me to exciting, new destinations. Rarely does he walk a path that is well trodden, and it’s that strange sense of ‘what will he come up with next’ that keeps me going back to his site.

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Obsessively Stupid About Stupid Films! TarsTarkas.NET is another great site for those seeking the unknown, whether it be Turkish Superhero films, Cantonese Jane Bond films, Martial Arts, Taiwanese Giant Monster Films, Hong Kong action, Japanese Schlock…the list is endless.

Along with Todd, from Die Danger Die Die Kill, Tars is one of ‘The Infernal Brains’ – and their podcasts are required listening for all fans of cult cinema.

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The Cultural Gutter is updated Thursday afternoon with a new article about an artistic pursuit generally considered to be beneath consideration. James Schellenberg probes science-fiction, Carol Borden draws out the best in comics, Chris Szego dallies with romance and Ian Driscoll stares deeply into the screen.

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Film Reviews | DVD Reviews | Blu-ray Reviews | Book Reviews | News | Posters, Trailers, and Everything Else

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The Horror!?‘Houseinrlyeh’ from Germany describes himself as one of those strange nerd-geek mutants. interested in a lot of things, expert in none. Thankfully his interests are worth reading about. Who wants expert opinions anyway?

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Fueled by visible boom mics, stunt doubles, and safety mats, Fist of B-List is dedicated to unearthing the best and baddest in Western martial arts b-movies.



As two scruffy flipflop wearing versions of Napoleon Solo and Illya Kuryakin, Marcus and David have performed countless daring missions in bars across Melbourne. Free World, rest easy – they’re doing their part! Aside from these daring espionage activities, as high-flying philanthropists, they have adjudicated at open mic competitions, provided tasting notes on new styles of Pinot, and also supported the rehabilitation of a deaf DJ. It’s a tough life, but someone has to do it.

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Spy Vibe Spy Wise Quantum of Bond Bish’s Beat
Spy Fi Channel Double O Section The Deighton Dossier Mister 8
Die Una Plagia Espias The Illustrated 007 The HMSS Weblog Spy Guys & Gals


Regular visitors to Permission To Kill will have noticed that I am a big fan of The Saint. The Saint Club: Leslie Charteris’ Simon Templar site contains all the information about the Saint that you’ll ever need. From the original books to the television series and films.

To look for the sign of The Saint, click here.


The Lightning Bug’s Lair is one of the sites I learned about by becoming a member of LAMB, and I am glad I did, this site is amazing. I don’t even like horror films (I know, I’m a big squib) but I always find something fascinating to read there. The Bug covers everything from horror, exploitation, giallo, Turkish superman films, science fiction…the list is endless.

The reviews themselves are witty and informative, and usually there’s the odd (very odd) video clip there to give you a taster of the film under discussion.

To visit the Bug’s lair (don’t wear good shoes) click here


What spy fan can go past the Harry Palmer Movie Site – well I certainly can’t! The site contains information about the five Harry Palmer films, including snippets from behind the scenes, image galleries, film clips, locations, soundtracks, deleted scenes, trivia and a whole lot more.

If you are interested in Len Deighton’s creation at all, then I suggest that you pay this site a visit.

To head across, click here.

‘Close the door, Palmer!’


The Rap Sheet is a site that I am pretty new to, but it has quickly become one of my daily ports of call. Devoted to Crime-fiction, the site is a wealth of information about new and forthcoming books, special author projects, genre innovations, and distinctive crime-fiction-related Web sites.

For the run down on The Rap Sheet click here.


The B-Masters Cabal is a one stop site, for those who are interested in the macabre side of cinema. There you’ll find reviews and links to sites like Teleport City, And You Call Yourself A Scientist, 1000 Misspent Hours and Counting, Cold Fusion Video Reviews and The Unknown Movies Page and many others.

To head on over to the B-masters, click here.


I could say that The Crime Lounge is a great site to visit because you can download a whole swag of OOP soundtracks and records, which is correct, but the site is so much more than that. From the liner notes and articles that go with each post, to the library of art work – and just the look and feel of the Lounge, the site is a sensory experience.

To pull on your slippers and crushed velvet smoking jacket and head across to the lounge click here.



Jeremy Duns JJ Cooper Matt Hilton Adrian Magson
Charlie Charters Stephen Gallagher James Rollins Charles Cumming
Lee Goldberg Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon


If you have a website that you think I should be reading, drop me a line.



  1. I haven’t seen you mention this new French spy film. Set in the 60s with female lead.
    Thought i’d give you a heads up if you were unaware.

    I’m always checking your blog out.

  2. I couldn’t find an email address for you, so I’m leaving a comment here. There’s a new book out called The Feasts of Lesser Men which is a cold war spy novel. REALLY GOOD. The author has a free promo on the ebook right now but probably not for long. Here’s a link to it:

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